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Friday, March 20, 2009

"Signature" - Review

Jeffery grew up in Pennsauken, NJ, was exposed to music at an early age and has since move to NYC. The first thing you hear when listening to "Signature” is a bridge mix of soulful expression. The listener should really take in how the lush textures of the piano: surround Jeffreys’ incredible painted voice and musicianship.

Signature: blends impressively well as an album as opposed to bite-sized single song servings, but if there’s one major standout it’s “Corner of the Sky,”(cover of a Stephen Schwartz song) it exudes tremedous vulnerablity grace and rawness.

If you look into the skies while hearing this album you will be mesmerized. It’s without conceit, laced with structures that are infused with sensitivity and appropriate flights of meditation. Several pieces sound as if they could have come from an avant-garde concert in the park.

In many ways, "Signature” is the perfect, natural step for Jeffrey Wilgus. Had he jumped on the experimental train and let himself run wild with it, the result could have been fleeting. Jeffrey could seemingly conquer the broadway musical world with ease.

The whole project works beautifully. He’s done the right thing here--and is floating on OutVoice Top 40 Charts. Do you have your copy of “Signature”? if not, it’s here

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