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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"United For The Ride Vol. 1" - Review

“United For The Ride Vol. 1 comprises of supporting artists from across the United States and Canada that have combined their musical offerings, hope, love, strength, perseverance and courage with their commitment to the GLBT community’s efforts in the continuing fight against HIV/AIDS.” – Terry Christopher

These powerful yet intricate compositions stem from true inspiration of the artists. They are sure to lift ones soul from the negativity of life in this world, and into the presence of positivity. "Braking The Cycle" strikes from the heart to the very centre of the HIV/AIDS message. Wonderful song!

The last song on the album lets us know that in a world of uncertainty, we ought to remain humble and loving toward ourselves then “Things’ll Get better.”

“I hope those that hear “United For The Ride Vol. 1” will experience healing and a desire to support this very worthwhile cause. Should HIV/AIDS ever be eradicated, these songs would be the only thing associated with this heartbreaking disease that anyone would be upset to see disappear.

"The vaccine against HIV infection is Education."

For further info on this amazing project and CD spearheaded by Terry Christopher, please visit United For The Ride Vol. 1

“United For The Ride Vol. 1” reviewed by Arizzona © 2009