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Friday, December 12, 2008

Dan Manjovi - Review

Jazz Infused-Renaissance Musician

Dan Manjovi studied music at New York University. Then studied with a faculty member at The Juilliard School. “I firmly believe that a person can be taught to sing for a role,” a vocal coach and performer who teaches singing at HB Studio, an acting school in New York and his private studio.

His funky jazz retro-infused music starts with a love of creating from the heart and with Dan there is this strong desire to share the love of story telling, through music, whether it’s in a concert hall or other venue.

His personality lies deep inside the music, yet creating the all-pervasive bed on which the music rests, rich textural melodies mixed with dense and darting harmonies like the theatrical sense you get from his work that stimulates a collective arrangement of spontaneous musical finger paintings.

The songs he creates are narrative and deep sketches, but his type of composition is so vivid that you envision the characters peeking through the showers of notes and phrases that emphasize the music. Fine examples are the songs ”Best Of Intensions” full of picturesque imagery (day dreamy because of the interplay between piano, and vocals) and “Little Red Car” is such a toe-tapping audience grabber.

His collection of songs resonates with organic warmth captivating magical raw vocals that evoke the spirit of the artist and catch listener’s ears. These songs can be heard on his CD’s “Dan Manjovi and Woke Up This Morning.” Sheer brilliance! by Dan Manjovi.

When music takes on this calibre of momentum, seemingly and effortlessly, it’s one of the most uplifting moments an artist can portray, which might be mistaken for indecision but actually it portrays the process of music that is being coaxed out of a mere thought.

Over all Dans’ music is way beyond a peanut butter and jelly blend and lays somewhere’s between can’t get enough and must have it.

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