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Friday, June 3, 2011

Unashamed Faith Cafe Debuts -- "To Love Again" by Charles K. Brown

Unashamed Faith Cafe is proud to debut for Charles K. Brown the release of his new video for his single "To Love Again"

With "To Love Again", Charles K. Brown steps into the powerful source of his own creativity. It is a testament to the quality and loveliness that can come out of an artist when they decide to create without support from a label and turn instead to the Divine for all things needed. It doesn’t sound like a basement song. It is without a doubt a beautiful song.

Enjoy the simplicity of the song "To Love Again".

Charles K. Brown also released the CD "Trouble Is...", which is a collection of original songs (and 2 covers) written over the last 35 years. Some of them have been recorded as far back as 1977. He feelsthis album is a definitive representation of my work as a whole. It's like what I might play at a live show, but with many of my talented friends joining me, and big sets and costumes on some of the numbers! Trouble Is... CD by Charles K. Brown

This video "To Love Again" instills in us that yes you can love again.

Charles K. Brown's website:
Charles K. Brown