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Monday, September 6, 2010

"Revisited Vol. 2" - Review

At a listen… an immensely reflective disk that digs deep into the songwriter’s emotions from years past through today.

“Revisited Vol. 2” is a compilation CD, which spans 10 years of music and 5 CD/albums. It celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Shawn’s first CD as an “out” artist appropriately titled “Out in this World”. It contains 17 tracks including 6 new recordings, one of which is a very cool updated version of “Out in this World.” Taken as a whole, these songs do a marvelous job of expanding even further Shawn’s desire to reach across the aisle and appeal to people of every spiritual tribe.

The most prevalent themes can be heard on tracks like “The Christ in You”, “What am I gonna do with You”, which give praises to the purest extent, coupled with skillful word phrasing from Shawn’s poetic playbook. Passionate about what he is doing, the creative process latches onto that passion and things just keep flowing. While his unique voice, along with spiritual influences and stellar lyric, combine to make heads nod and pews shake.

Shawn amalgamates the art of honesty with the beauty of faith brilliantly to create a humble message. Many of his musical compositions are clearly inspired by scripture while others tell personal life stories. “Revisited Vol. 2” is a great example of this -- in that the artist has found new and interesting ways to explore music while incorporating his love for God and that alone is impressive.

It is thrilling to hear an artist, such as this, reach the point in his creative evolution where he can stretch out, try new sounds and ideas without a safety net. In a nutshell -- Shawn has done just that with this compilation. Then when the resulting songs and album turn out to be something great, it’s even better.

This experienced musician has turned out yet another extraordinary CD laden with colourful poetic phrases, clever organic arrangements, and an all around ingenious spirit. With so much raw emotion and poignant phrasing dictating each line, “Revisited Vol. 2” is the pearl in Shawns’ treasure trove of recordings.

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