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Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Worship & Desperation" - Review

Shawn Thomas has been recording original music for nearly two decades. It wasn’t until six or seven years ago that he realized how strong his faith was and began a process of incorporating the Grace and Love of God into his music.

His expression of faith plays out more subtle but with deep heartfelt spiritual messages. From beginning to end “Worship & Desperation” is preciously spiritual--perfectly mastered for Christian enjoyment with a beautiful blend of vocal sounds and congregational participation.

Even producing and production along with Shawn’s infectious smile captures the listeners, including a track called “Sanctus” when performed live includes sign language for the hearing impaired.

The first released track “You Are Here Lord” reveals to us that the Lord is never out of reach, always lifting up our spirits in times of Worship & Desperation. Sung with a joyous heartbeat, which is amazing to experience through Shawn’s warm spiritual vocals and amazing Love for God!

Through out this CD Shawn’s atmospheric praise continually confirms to us, feelings of Love for God in a very well-written and produced album, which will be followed up with a songbook, along with accompaniment audio tracks and video media. These songs are meant to be sung in praise/worship services or listened to when you just need a spiritual pick me up.

Over all it exemplifies and truly embraces God’s unconditional love, Holy presence and devotion in a world that criticizes being gay and Christian in the same sentence.

“Worship & Desperation” is a true musical gift from God through its creator.


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